Redtail CRM Integration

What does it do?

Pocket Risk has integrated with Redtail so advisors can launch the Pocket Risk questionnaire from within Redtail and view a client's risk profile score. The integration only works with the newer version of Redtail (Project Tailwag).

Why have you created this integration?

To make it easier and quicker for advisors who use Redtail to integrate Pocket Risk into their regular practice. With this integration advisors will save valuable time assessing their clients' risk profile.

How do I connect my Pocket Risk account to Redtail?

Navigate to the Pocket Risk - Redtail integration authentication page and enter your Redtail credentials. Please note the integration is only available to Pocket Risk customers on the Small, Mid-Size or Solo pricing plan. Log into Pocket Risk and visit the upgrade page to change your plan.

Redtail Authentication

How do I send out the questionnaire from Redtail and view the risk score?

  1. Connect your Pocket Risk account with Redtail here.
  2. Log into Redtail and navigate to a client.
  3. Click on the integrations icon in the top right of your Redtail navigation header.
  4. Click on the Pocket Risk icon to view a client's result or send the questionnaire.

Redtail Integration

Watch this five minute video below walking through the integration

Will Pocket Risk have access to my Redtail account?

No. Your credentials are sent securely to Redtail for authentication. Pocket Risk does not view your details or password. We do not have access to your clients' information.

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