Understanding Reporting

Common Questions When Understanding Reporting

  • What questions impact the scoring? Please read the methodology page here.
  • Where does a completed report go? A completed report appears on the dashboard once you click on your client’s name. You can decide whether your client will see the final score and report when you send out the questionnaire. When sending the questionnaire choose "Yes" or "No" to "Display Score and Report To Client". 
  • Can I download and print the report? Yes.
  • Can I mass download reports? Yes here.
  • Can I edit the report? You cannot edit the report except the company name and logo on the cover page which can be changed on the "My Account" page. This is for compliance reasons so that you don't manipulate your clients' results. If however you want to edit the language or design please email [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly. 
  • How do I delete a report? You can delete a report by navigating to the dashboard, clicking on a client, selecting a report and pressing “Delete report”.