Sending The Questionnaire

Common Questions When Sending The Questionnaire

  • How do I get my clients to complete the questionnaire? 1) Send them an email from Pocket Risk by clicking on "Add New Client" 2) Use the shareable link at the bottom of the client dashboard. 3) Embed the questionnaire on your website. 4) Use the blank questionnaire.
  • Can I add my signature and disclosures to Pocket Risk emails and reporting? Yes, here.
  • Will I get a notification when my clients complete the questionnaire? Yes, you will receive an email immediately.
  • Can I mass email my clients. Yes, here.
  • My client made a mistake on the questionnaire. What should I do?v Once a questionnaire is completed, it cannot be edited. You should send your client a new questionnaire via the dashboard. You can also delete the incorrect report by navigating to your client's name on the dashboard. 
  • My client didn’t get the link to the questionnaire. What should I do? A link to the questionnaire would have been sent to both you (cc'd) and the client. It’s possible that our email was trapped in a spam/junk filter. To avoid this from happening you can click on the "Questionnaire Link" button when sending out the questionnaire. This will generate a link to the questionnaire which you can send from your own email account. 
  • Do couples complete one questionnaire? No, they should complete the questionnaire separately. This is because as two individuals they are likely to have separate risk tolerances. Both should be independently assessed before making a joint decision that meets their combined risk level.